Repurposing your Candles

So. You've burned through your favorite candle. Now what? The candle jar is so would be a crime to just throw it away. Well, we've found a way to repurpose all of your candles while adding a cute touch to your home décor!
We love our Volcano candles. Like, LOVE them. So, we decided to get crafty and change our candle jars into a flower vase and a clever, little planter.
You will need:
A Volcano candle
Small rocks
Mesh, burlap, or tulle
Planting Soil
A plant of some small variety
We first started with our Volcano Candle (and burned through it all in a week).
1. Layer the small rocks at the bottom of the jar.
2. Place the layer of burlap, mesh, or tulle on top of the rocks.
This helps the soil from falling down into the rocks and also helps filter out the water (because drowning our little plant would be sad).
3. To finish, place your succulent in the jar and fill it with the potting soil. 
4. Voila!! A new decoration that cost you less than $10!
It's so tiny and cute!
And, you can also use your candle jar as a vase! We placed daisies in our blue Volcano jar, because we were feeling cheerful!
I think the flowers from our local grocery store cost us about $4.How savvy is that?!
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