Neck Scarf: The Perfect Accessory

Neck scarves have taken over the fashion world, and we are not mad about it. They add the perfect pop to any outfit and are so versatile, you can wear them so many different ways! Seriously, they are the PERFECT accessory! 

Wear it just around your neck for a sophisticated and sassy touch to your outfit! It will effortlessly elevate any look. 

You can also tie it around your purse! That’s right. An accessory for your accessory. This is probably one of our favorite things to do here at Sabi! It is SO fun, and can change the entire mood of your outfit! We love doing this!

Ladies, if you have not tried this before, you are going to thank your lucky stars that you’re reading this post! Ever have a bad hair day and you think “Man, I literally cannot get my hair to work with me!” Let’s be honest, we unfortunately ALL have those days. If you have a neck scarf, you don’t have to worry! Simply tie it around your ponytail or bun for an instant pop (or a distraction… whichever you prefer). You can also wear it like a headband. I mean, come on, what more can you ask for?! 

Last but not least… you can tie it around your belt loop. This adds “cool girl vibes” to any and every outfit! We love the edge that this provides.

We hope you learned all the ways you can change up how you wear your neck scarves in the next few days! Leave a comment for the next blog post you want to see.



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