Sabi's Trip to Dallas Market

Multiple times a year, Queen Sabi and Meredith trek their way to the latest and greatest market to find the hottest new things that Sabi needs! This week, their quest to find the greatest new arrivals took them to Dallas, Texas, where they spent two full days walking miles and getting aaalllll of their steps in (and them some). 

Our mission at Sabi is to have something for every woman that walks in the door, be it a young girl looking for a homecoming dress, a college girl on the hunt for the perfect outfit, a mom looking for her next date night dress, or a grandmother wanting to stay up to date on the latest trends. Sabi has a little something for EVERYONE out there, which is why Queen Sabi and Meredith put so much thought and care into deciding what they are going to bring into the store.

May we introduce a new line that Sabi will be carrying: Able! This line of bags was started with a simple philosophy: to stop generational poverty. Each bag is made by a woman in need of a job and a safe, healthy environment, made anywhere from Ethiopia to Peru, or right here in the United States. Sabi loves carrying lines like Able, lines that have the goal of empowering women, and making a difference- because THAT is exactly what Sabi aims to do. 

Another line that Sabi is so excited to be carrying is Gal Meets Glam- a clothing line based out of Charleston, North Carolina, founded by Julie Engel. Julie’s goal is to redefine the way in which women wear dresses. She has created a modern line of dresses with the sole intention to ensure every woman who steps into a Gal Meets Glam dress feels instantly beautiful and confident. 

Stay tuned for all of the great things that Sabi will have in the store just in time for Christmas! We cannot WAIT for you to see everything that is coming, and remember to always wear it with confidence, flaunt it with class, and live it by grace. 


Sabi Boutique 


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