Glossy Pops New York

Cotton Candy Clouds Glossy Pop


How about enjoying all that sugar without the calories ;)

Rise up to the clouds with our Cotton Candy Clouds design. Inspired by the dream of an everyday amusement park experience. Enjoy the sweet smell of cotton candy in our clear pink lip balm and don’t forget to finish that pout with our sweet smelling lip gloss. 

Flip open top for Lip Balm, Unscrew the handle for Lip Gloss.

- Lip Balm cotton candy scent

- Lip Gloss light sweet scent

Step 1. Hydrate.

Step 2. Shine on.

Step 3. Smell and feel as sweet as you already are!


Phthalate Free / Sulphate Free / Vegan / Cruelty Free / Gluten Free

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