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Daisy the Donut Fairy


‘Once upon an island, in the deep, blue sea, Lived a fairy mermaid family, Daisy, Dolly, and Dee!’ Daisy the Donut Fairy and her mermaid fairy friends spend their days making tasty donuts. There isn’t much else for them to do and eventually find they’ve made so many there’s no room left in their tower!  The fairies try to find new uses for the donuts with disastrous results. All seems lost but when the Pancake Pirates’ ship hits a rock a most unusual chain of events unfolds leading to exciting adventure and unexpected friendship! With fun illustrations and a great story, children and adults alike will be laughing!

  • Beautiful, lively illustrations create the exciting world of Daisy the Donut Fairy!
  • Children will love following Daisy’s exciting adventures.
  • Whimsical rhyming text will be sure to delight children everywhere!

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