Patterned Shabby Knot, Daffodil Pastel Rainbow

Patterned Shabby Knot, Daffodil Pastel Rainbow

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Shabby is the new chic in the woven dot PATTERNED SHABBY KNOT. The raised dots add detail and texture to your favorite Baby Bling headbands.
* Limited seams on the headband means maximum stretch for ultimate comfort.
* Visible stitching adds detail and protects the integrity of the fabric; no holes were cut to turn the seams in.
* Designs and textures woven into the fabric elevate the uniqueness.
* Extra little textured details showcase your eye for style.
* Available in a wide variety of colors, you can match today's hottest trends and your favorite hand-me downs.
* This style is sewn in two pieces for mix-and-matching to create a custom look.

Made in United States

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