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Festival Bound or BUST

April 09, 2015

Summer. Is coming. Sunny days and blue skies await us!! And with the summer season comes the endless amount of festivals!! Music, sunglasses, and sandals, oh my! If you are looking to amp up (pun intended) your festival wardrobe, look no further! Sabi has a TON of cute options for you! Fringe and graphic shirts. So edgy, so cute. Denim jumpsuits can accessorize so easily! Sunnies, wedges, and a cute necklace paired with this outfit makes for a perfect festival look! Again. Fringe is so IN. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to twirl and spin ALL the time. Who doesn't want that?? This tank is just PERFECT. Whether you're throwin' up the sign of the peace or rockin' out... Continue Reading →

Denim Darlings

April 07, 2015

So, it's kind of looks like the 90's are coming back in style. BUT DON'T PANIC. The denim trend has put a 21st Century spin on things, and Rachel (our favorite Friends fashionista) would be all OVER it. Our models look darling in all of their denim! This jacket: so retro, so cool. This top is all that AND a bag of chips (throwin' it back to that 90's terminology). These pants are incredibly comfy! Pair them with a cute, floppy hat to complete the look! Darling. Denim darling. Our denim will have you jumping for joy! It's a proven fact. You read it right here on the internet, folks. Continue Reading →

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