January Market Recap

One of Meredith and Queen Sabi’s favorite things to do is go to market. Within the time span of four weeks, they will have been to four different markets! Each market provides something truly special, and it is their goal find the BEST, most unique products to bring back to the store.

Their first stop this market season was Atlanta, Georgia! Before they went to the market venue, they of course HAD to stop at the ORIGINAL Chick-Fil-A. I repeat, the ORIGINAL CHICK-FIL-A! Is this what dreams are made of or what?! 

They then found themselves at gift market, with tons of gifts and knick-knacks as far as the eye can see. They scoured through every brand, every product- basically anything and everything that Sabi shoppers would love, and boy did they find some great things! Volcano lotion and body scrub (which are ALREADY in the store by the way, so be sure to come check those out).

 They also picked up a beautiful jewelry line that the owner, Kellie Fitzpatrick, named after her grandmothers, Lenny and Eva. Kellie strives to ensure that her line embodies the same characteristics that her grandmothers did: strength and compassion. Encompassing a new, fresh look, we are confident that you are going to LOVE everything they offer! 

The week after Atlanta Gift Market came Dallas Gift Market! Meredith and Sabi had a special person tag along… Meredith’s oldest daughter, Ireland! She LOVED her first market experience, and was so helpful!

Coming soon to our Century Square location (which, by the way, is going to be open in the next month!) are dog toys! Seriously, how CUTE is this Chewy Vuitton bone?! 

We also have a new Farm House Fresh scent coming to the store: Coconut Cream. That’s right, basically you can walk around smelling like a tropical vacation. Can it get any better than that?

 Just a few short days after Dallas Gift Market, our team took on Dallas Apparel Market! Scouring show rooms and new styles, our girls spent two days doing nothing but getting all of their steps (and more) in, and ordering the BEST new styles! Driftwood Denim, a company who specializes in denim embroidery, is coming back to Sabi this spring! Trust us, they will add a pop to any wardrobe. 

We are also bringing in a new line: The Good Jane. This 100% eco friendly line is dedicated to improving our environment and being kind to our planet. Sabi is SO exciting to be supporting such a great line and cause!

In addition to all of these exciting new arrivals comes Quay blue light glasses, Free People fragrance, Able shoes, prayer cards, and so much more! Shop Sabi to see all of our new, fun arrivals!

 Next up on the list is Las Vegas market! What are some things that you would love to see at Sabi? 



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