Why Are We Called Sabi?

One of Sabi Boutique’s most asked questions is “where did your name come from?” or "what does Sabi mean?" Wonder no more, here's your answer...
Queen Sabi, one of our fearless owners, LOVES Wasabi Peas--you know those spicy, wasabi covered dried peas that can become quite an addictive snack. When Meredith, Sabi's other owner, and her brother's wife were pregnant at the same time they decided the perfect grandmother name for Queen Sabi would be Sabi. She wanted a fun grandmother name, so it was perfect! 
Fast forward a year later, and what better way to honor Queen Sabi than to name the boutique after her. So, it became Sabi Boutique. It's also a play on words, since Sabi Boutique's owners love to spice up women's wardrobes and their lives. 
You can find Queen Sabi in the store every week and she always has Wasabi Peas in the office--just ask if you want to try! 
So, come introduce yourself, become part of our family and let us spice up your wardrobe and your life! 
Sabi Boutique 
Avery Barton
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All About Sabi

Here at Sabi, it is so important to ensure the every single person who shops with us feels confident and beautiful. Sabi Boutique mother/daughter owners, Meredith McAuliffe and Janis Stancik, created this philosophy the moment they decided they wanted to start Sabi Boutique, and have instilled it every day since. Meredith and Janis want every woman to wear it with confidence, flaunt it with class, and live it by grace. 
Avery Barton
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Introducing Styled by Sabi: How to Layer

It’s that time of year again… pumpkin spice latte’s, orange and red leaves, and apple pie. We all love Fall, whether it’s the feeling it gives or the fashion that comes along with it. But, if we’re keeping it real, it can be difficult to dress! On those days where it’s a crisp 65 degrees when you leave your house, then bumps up to 85 or 90 degrees during the middle of the day, what’s a girl to do?!
Avery Barton
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