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Here at Sabi, we want each and every one of you to wear it with confidence, flaunt it with class, and live it by grace. So, we decided to create a blog to inspire all of you fashionista’s out there!

May we introduce to you: Styled by Sabi!

Here, you will be able to find anything and everything. Need a gift idea? No problem! Don’t know how to style something? DM us on Instagram, send us an email, comment on a post, and we will get a post up to answer all of your fashion needs. 

Which brings us to our first topic… layering! 

It’s that time of year again… pumpkin spice latte’s, orange and red leaves, and apple pie. We all love Fall, whether it’s the feeling it gives or the fashion that comes along with it. But, if we’re keeping it real, it can be difficult to dress! On those days where it’s a crisp 65 degrees when you leave your house, then bumps up to 85 or 90 degrees during the middle of the day, what’s a girl to do?!

Well, that is what layering is for. Leave your house layered up, and as it gets toasty outside, simply strip the layers off, then add them all back once the sun goes down again! We know that layering can sometimes be as tricky as making your grandma’s secret pie recipe. So, today, we are going to give you three different layering tips, so you can go out and enjoy Fall fashion.

Tip #1: Add a cardigan over a tank

Cardigans are an amazing addition to all outfits. Leggings, dresses, jeans. Not only is this layering combination functional, it can also effortlessly take you from working, to dinner, to a night out with your girls. Simply pair a fun cardigan over a black camisole, and black jeans. Easy, cute, functional? What more can a girl ask for?


Tip #2: Layer a leather jacket over a dress. 

Leather jackets. The perfect accessory to so many outfits. During the Fall, we are all about pairing one with a dress, adding some heels, and going about your day! With a leather jacket, there’s no need to worry about having to be uncomfortably cold in the morning, or scorchingly hot in the afternoon. Simply take the jacket off whenever your heart desires!

Tip #3: When in doubt, denim jacket it out!

Denim jackets- will they ever go out of style? We hope not! Denim jackets make any outfit look cool and chic. Pair a black denim jacket with a tank top and mini skirt and you are set for the day! Here we have the Free People Rumors Black Denim Jacket.


 We hope these tips makes dressing for Fall a bit easier for all of you, and that they provide inspiration for your Fall outfits. Make sure to tag us on Instagram so we can see how you choose to layer!



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